The 12 teachings of Magia (pronounced majere) were given by Alan Chapman over 6 days from 19th to 24th May 2019, on retreat in Pelion, Greece, to a small number of students.

The teachings were recorded as they happened, complete with student interaction and the sounds of rural Greek village life. The audio recordings have been edited where appropriate, but the sense of being on retreat with the group has been retained as much as possible for the listener to share in the sense of the occasion.

Where necessary, the teachings have been broken down into smaller audio files for ease of reception and reference, and are intended to be heard in the order they are presented, as earlier teachings are cultivated further in later teachings.

To work with the teachings, it is best to set aside 12 practice sessions at home where you can listen to the recordings for each of the 12 teachings in order. Some teachings are longer than others; it may be necessary to split one session over more than one day if time does not allow.

Each session will include unbinding practice, where you will need to lie down for a short period of time without being disturbed. You will find specific instructions for unbinding practice on the respective page for each teaching.

Later teachings include binding practice, for which you will need paper and a pen.